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ReFletching Arrows

Re-Fletching arrows is easy. Jim Broberg shows you how easy it is!

How to find your deer during the rut

One way to make sure the bucks stick around is to ensure that the does stay around. The way to keep the does around is by providing them with a food source. Probably one of the best rut phase food sources is a brassicas food plot. Turnips and sugar beets are two of the best options for hunting season. Why are these two options so good? When the temperatures are below freezing, these two vegetables turn into deer candy. The sugar content in them drastically rises. When the sugar content rises, the does will typically flock to this food source. When the does arrive, the bucks won’t be far behind.

Tools of the Trade By: Tracy Breen

If you are into working on your own bow, you have already learned you can never have enough gizmos and gadgets. Below are a few gadgets that make working on a bow easier. If you are in the market for a bow press, check out the article I did for a month or so ago.