Pro's and Shops Love the NITRO Vane

We are getting amazing feedback from professional archers and dealers who have tested the NITRO Vane and here are a some of the things they said:
Manuel Mellow - "I have been shooting competitive 3D archery for many years, and have been able to win numerous shoots here in Idaho including some of the more prestigious ones. This year at Northwest Bowhunter’s Classic, which is considered to be the second best 3D shoot in the state, I decided to put the Nitro Vanes to the test. The shop that I work at, Idaho Archery Company, had received a sample packet, and after practicing for quite a few weeks I had my equipment shooting good, but not great, and decided to test these vanes on my Easton Fatboy arrows. It only took one shooting session to see how much tighter my groups were at all yardages. I have shot a handful of vanes in the past but have never had a first impression like the Nitro Vanes gave me. I immediately went to the shop and replaced all the fletching’s on my target arrows. At the shoot, I not only shot the highest score out of over 300 shooters but I shot the tournament record. I truly believe these vanes were one of the major factors in allowing me to do this. I want to thank you for the great product and hopefully I can bring home some more championship buckles with these vanes. Attached is a picture of me, with the winning buckle and my bow set up." 

Tim Zimmerman - T.A.Z Archery & Professional Archer "The first time I laid eyes on the Pine Ridge Nitro vanes, I knew we would be switching to them for the 2014 season. Durable, high profile, excellent glue channel, and great overall quality. I believe in these vanes, and have them on all my tournament arrows" 
Dennis - Ten Point Archery "In my opinion, Pine Ridge Nitro Vanes are truly a superior vane. They are much stiffer than other brands I have shot before in which results in quicker arrow stabilization and better broadhead flight. The base of the vane provides maximum adhesion and will not come off, even when pulled with pliers! I tested these vanes mounted with a 1 degree offset and with a 3 degree helix and got great results with both. I believe the slogan for these vanes should be “The better broadhead vane”. I will be making the switch from Blazer vanes to Nitro Vanes and will recommend them to all my customers. Great product!" 

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