About Us

Pine Ridge® Archery has a long history (since 1997) of providing useful products to archers and bowhunters. Our focus has always been to make products that we as bowhuters and target archers would use. Since we manufacture almost all of our products in our own factory in Northern Illinois, we can maintain our high expectations and quality control on everything that leaves our door.

The philosophy of being in control of our own destiny is not something new for us as a company. Our parent company, DU-BRO® Products, Inc began in 1959 through the hard work and innovative mind of Dewey Broberg, and our dedication to keeping our brands synonymous with quality has not changed since the beginning. 

No matter what product we are working on, our customers are always on our mind and we strive to manufacture the best products at the best prices just as we have for over 60 years. Be sure to explore our full product line and we are sure you will find all the items you need to make you a better archer or a better bowhunter.