How to find your deer during the rut

[one_half]small-plot-325X528outpost-007-small-325X528[/one_half][one_half last]Here we are smack dab in the middle of the rut. Bucks are chasing does and hunters are trying to put the smack down on a big buck. Although we all love to hunt the rut, one problem we run into is patterning a buck this time of year. It can be extremely difficult to know where a buck is bedding, where he will be feeding and where he will be traveling when all he has on his mind is does. One way to make sure the bucks stick around is to ensure that the does stay around. The way to keep the does around is by providing them with a food source. Probably one of the best rut phase food sources is a brassicas food plot. Turnips and sugar beets are two of the best options for hunting season. Why are these two options so good? When the temperatures are below freezing, these two vegetables turn into deer candy. The sugar content in them drastically rises. When the sugar content rises, the does will typically flock to this food source. When the does arrive, the bucks won’t be far behind. Maybe you don’t have enough ground to plant a food plot. There are still options. One option is to keep some type of food near your hunting spot even if you can’t hunt over it or don’t want to. Whitetail specialist Jim Ward says he keeps plenty of deer mineral on his property to give deer a reason to stay in the area. Providing corn or some other type of food that can be put into the woods during hunting season to keep bucks and does on your land. One reason to keep food available is so you can keep tabs on the deer with a trail camera. If you regularly provide some type of food, chances are deer will regularly stop by and eat. You will get their picture which will help you know whether the big boy is still hanging around. When placing a scouting camera near a food source of any kind, consider using an AT-5 camera support from Pine Ridge Archery. This unique accessory can be attached to a tree or even a T-post so you can hang your camera even if you don’t have a good tree to hang your camera from. If you have a place off the beaten path where you want to feed deer, check out the Outpost Feeder ( This feeder holds twenty pounds of corn and is designed to be hoisted into the trees above your hunting spot. It is a small cylinder that blends in with the trees so other hunters won’t see it. It is perfect for public land and is easily packable. Regardless if you plant food plots, put out mineral or corn, one thing is certain. When the rut arrives, you need to give deer a reason to stay on your property so you can hunt them and keep an eye on them with your camera. Providing food is the best way to do that.
About The Author: Tracy Breen is a full-time outdoor writer, speaker and marketing consultant in the outdoor industry. He works with a variety of companies including Mathews, Mission, Pine Ridge Archery and Carbon Express. Learn more about him by visiting[/one_half]

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