Christmas is almost here. If you haven't found that perfect gift for the bowhunter in your life check out the bowhunting accessories listed below! HUNTMORE 360 Hunting from pop-up ground blinds is now more popular than ever. The problem is many of the stools and chairs people use in pop-up ground blinds are uncomfortable. As a result, hunters often head home early because their backside hurts. HuntMore has solved that problem with their new 16-inch 360 chair. The HuntMore 16-inch chair weighs ten pounds, swivels in 360 degrees, is whisper quiet and very comfortable. The chair has large feet that keep the hunter stable so they don’t sink into the ground. If you are a hardcore ground hunter, you will be pleased with this chair. MOULTRIE PANORAMIC 150 Moultrie has a new state-of-the-art scouting camera called the Panoramic 150 that is unlike any scouting camera on the market. This camera contains three different motion sensors. Each sensor covers a 50-degree detection zone which gives a 150-degree coverage area, which is reportedly more than any camera currently on the market. When motion is detected, the silent slide rotating lens pivots to the area where the motion has been detected and takes the picture. This camera has two modes: single image mode and panoramic. In single image mode, the camera takes a single picture. In Panoramic, the camera takes three pictures from three angles and assembles the images together which provides a panoramic view. This camera is awesome. FLYING ARROW TOXIC BROADHEAD Flying Arrow Archery is a new broadhead company with a broadhead that will force you to do a double take. Their broadhead called the Toxic is a 100-grain fixed blade head with three half-moon coring blades. These curved blades provide almost five inches of cutting surface and are said to create extra large wounds. The unique curvature of the blades provides great aerodynamics in flight which results in superior accuracy, even when shot out of today’s extremely fast bows. CARBON EXPRESS LAUNCHPAD NOCK Carbon Express has a new lighted nock called the LaunchPad that is said to be one of the lightest lighted nocks on the market so it does not interfere with front of center balance. A built-in alignment system ensures the nocks fit perfectly and fly like a dart. The LaunchPad requires no magnets for activation and lights automatically when the arrow is shot and is extra bright. Its’ simplistic design ensures trouble free use. EZ HUNT & HAUL Most bowhunters enjoy hunting from a ground blind from time to time; either for deer or turkeys. The new EZ Hunt & Haul Trailer I spotted at the Mathews Show is like a ground blind on steroids. The EZ Hunt & Haul is a hard-sided trailer that comes in Lost Camo. The trailer can be used as a field hunting blind for geese and ducks and as an ice fishing shanty. It even has a doggy door. In addition, the blind is collapsible and can be used as an ATV trailer. When you are done using the blind, break it down, load your ATV and you are ready for a road trip. PINE RIDGE ARCHERY Brightly colored products are the rage these days. Everyone wants to add bright colors to their bow setups. Pine Ridge Archery is offering several accessories that come in over half a dozen different colors. They offer the Nitro String loop that can be purchased in pink, green and many other colors. They offer the Sawtooth stabilizer that is available with red accents, blue and other colors. Archers who want to add a little speed to their bow should consider their brightly colored XL Nitro Buttons. Nitro Buttons get added to the string of the bow and can add several feet per second of speed to the bows’ performance. Also, check out the ALL NEW NITRO Vanes and Wraps for 2014! Merry Christmas!!

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