Nitro String Loop 5" Pre-Cut (3/Pkg.)

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$ 7.25
Product Description
The Nitro String Loop is premium grade loop material (.085" / 2.17mm Dia) that will not disappoint the most discriminating bow-techs. These bulk spools can be trimmed to accommodate any size loops or other uses for this premium material.
  • Low Stretch, Premium Quality Braided Material for Secure, Consistent Hold
  • Ends Burn Easily for Clean Installation
  • Available in Pre-Cut and Bulk Spools
  • Eliminate Serving Wear Due to Release Aid
  • Extra Stiff Material to Maintain Shape
  • Diameter: .085" / 2.17mm
  • Great for Fall Away Rest Cords
  • 19 Colors to Choose From Including Standard Camouflage


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