MICRO Silicone Peep Sight Tubing (3 ft.)

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$ 5.55
Product Description

While the silicone peep tubing we offer is superior, some wanted a smaller diameter with less weight for their set up.  This pushed us to create the new MICRO Silicone Peep Tubing which is both thinner and lighter than our current tubing.  The elastic properties still allow it to fit on the standard tubed peep sight like the Nitro Peep Sight, but it will hold tight and not easily slide off.  Also, since it is silicone it will provide longevity without dry rotting like rubber or latex tubing does. 

Over the last 15+ years we have taught archers that silicone peep tubing is better and lasts longer than standard rubber or latex tubing.  Silicone does not dry rot or crack over time so you get a more durable and longer lasting product.  Now you have multiple diameters to choose from!

The new MICRO Silicone Peep Tubing is available in 3 foot and 50 foot lengths and is a great addition to our silicone peep tubing offering.

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