Kwik Stand Rail Mount w/ Kwik Stand Bow Support - Black

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$ 35.00
Product Description

As the crossbow market has continued to grow Pine Ridge wanted to continue to provide for all aspects of the archery market with their made in the USA stamp of approval.   Crossbow shooters now have a solution to keep thier crossbows limbs and cams off the ground and out of the dirt.   The new Kwik Stand Rail Mount is made of High Density Nylon, and can stay attached to the crossbow during any shot with no added vibration.  The mounting bolt keeps the rail mount snug & secure while you trek through any and all terrain.  The new Kwik Stand Rail Mount will attach to any picatinny rail system which allows it to be more versatile than just the crossbow market. Pine Ridge also envisions it being used in the AR market by replacing those heavy bi-pods being used.


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