Nitro Hunter (5.5") Stabilizer

All Black
Black/Lime Green
Next G1 Vista Camo

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$ 32.95
Product Description

The Nitro Hunter is a unique stabilizer that balances the bow, destroys vibration, and is pleasing to the eye.

The Nitro Hunter Stabilizer comes with Sawtooth vibration dampening technology. The Sawtooth blades found on the lightweight aluminum body of the stabilizer are made of vibration destroying material that quickly quiet and smooth out today''s radical speed bows.

The Nitro Hunter is available in a 5.5" (5 oz) version and a longer 7.5" (6 oz) version. Both models will help keep the bow balanced in the hand for better down range accuracy and an overall better shooting experience while adding an element of style to the bow.

The Nitro Hunter comes in nine eye popping colors including black, red, blue, orange, lime green, pink, purple yellow and turquoise. The Nitro Hunter is also available in Next G1 Vista Camo.

Best of all, the Nitro Hunter Stabilizer comes with all the features of today''s high end stabilizers at a fraction of the price.

WARNING: Cancer -

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