Black - 6/pkg
Black - 25/pkg
Black - 100/pkg
Red - 6/pkg
Red - 25/pkg
Red - 100/pkg
Blue - 6/pkg
Blue - 25/pkg
Blue - 100/pkg
Orange - 6/pkg
Orange - 25/pkg
Orange - 100/pkg
Lime Green - 6/pkg
Lime Green - 25/pkg
Lime Green - 100/pkg
Pink - 6/pkg
Pink - 25/pkg
Pink - 100/pkg
Purple - 6/pkg
Purple - 25/pkg
Purple - 100/pkg
Yellow - 6/pkg
Yellow - 25/pkg
Yellow - 100/pkg
Turquoise - 6/pkg
Turquoise - 25/pkg
Turquoise - 100/pkg

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$ 4.95
Product Description
Nitro Buttons eliminate nock pinch and can increase the overall speed of a bow, making it the perfect accessory for archers looking to get a little extra speed from their old bow or looking to turn their new bow into a lightning fast, turbo charged rig. Inexpensive Nitro Buttons can give a bow more speed without breaking the bank.

Nitro Buttons also help eliminate unwanted bow noise and vibrations and can be installed in minutes. Nitro Buttons add both style and function to a bow and come in a wide variety of colors. Keeping with the current trend, we have designed brilliant colors that will match the various string colors, bows and accessories on the market so regardless of what color accessories an archer has on his or her bow we have a color to match.

Colors Available include: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow.

Weight (each): 2.2 grains (approx.)

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