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Christmas is almost here. Buying something for the bowhunter in your life is often difficult. Most bowhunters I know don’t really have a wish list. If they want something, they go out and buy it. Every once in a while, there are items out there that a bowhunter doesn’t even know they want or need but once they have it, they will wonder how they ever lived without it. Below are a few things we offer here at Pine Ridge Archery that every bowhunter would love to find under the tree or in their stocking.

  • This year we introduced the Kwik Stand Bow Support. This unique stand can attach to the limb of most any modern day bow and keep it upright and ready for the shot. Whether a hunter shoots a Hoyt, Mathews, or any other brand, the Kwik Stand will keep their bow out of the dirt or off of the concrete, making this the perfect accessory for the bowhunter or the target shooter.
  • Another item we offer that bowhunters love is the Arrow Inspector. This nifty device is extremely portable and is used to spin test arrows. Do you ever wonder if your broadheads are flying true or your old arrows are still flying like darts? Spin test them on the Arrow Inspector and you will quickly notice a wobble if something is wrong.
  • Every bowhunter needs an Archers Allen Wrench set. With this set, most every size Allen wrench a bowhunter would ever need is in one easy-to-use set. Bowhunters will never have to look around the workshop for the right size wrench again. The set can even be purchased with a holster so it can be kept on a belt.
Best of all, 2 of these these items retail for less than $20, and one is under $35  so you won’t break the bank!

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