Nitro Speed Bomb*

Black (2/pkg)
Black (12/pkg)
Red (2/pkg)
Red (12/pkg)
Blue (2/pkg)
Blue (12/pkg)
Orange (2/pkg)
Orange (12/pkg)
Lime Green (2/pkg)
Lime Green (12/pkg)
Pink (2/pkg)
Pink (12/pkg)
Purple (2/pkg)
Purple (12/pkg)
Yellow (2/pkg)
Yellow (12/pkg)
Turquoise (2/pkg)
Turquoise (12/pkg)
Clear (2/pkg)
Clear (12/pkg)
Tan (2/pkg)
Tan (12/pkg)
Olive Green (2/pkg)
Olive Green (12/pkg)
Brown (2/pkg)
Brown (12/pkg)

Part #

$ 9.90
Product Description

We all want to get the most speed possible out of any bow we shoot and Pine Ridge® Archery has made that easier once again. The all new Nitro Speed Bomb comes in at a weight of approximately 23 grains, making it a perfect alternative for the difficult-to-use brass nocks.

At 23 grains, you can eliminate three typical brass nocks and the effort to crimp and burn the shrink tubing, while retaining the ability to adjust them to the perfect position on the string. A brass nock is pretty much stuck where you crimp it while the Nitro Speed Bomb can be tweaked on the string after multiple shots to find the sweet spot. However, once achieved, they stay where you want them, thanks to their durable and tacky material. No need for shrink tubing, crimps or serving. Once set, just shoot!

The Nitro Speed Bomb comes in our standard nine colors, plus three all new Earth Tone colors. These new colors include tan, olive green and brown. Match your bow's color scheme and increase its speed, while making the set up easier than the old brass nocks. (2/PKG. or 12/PKG.) Weight each: 23 Grains

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