Reel-A-Strap (30ft. Equipment Reel Hoist)

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$ 22.50
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The Reel-A-Strap is the ultimate in equipment hoists. You can bring your firearm, bow, backpack, and any other gear you have easily and safely into the tree. The Reel-A-Strap has a second adjustable clip which will allow you to not only hoist multiple items, but also keep them from banging into each other on the way up. This is essential for hunters who use rattling antlers! On the top of the Reel-A-Strap there is a convenient hook and strap to wrap around your belt or belt loop while climbing into your tree. This will also be useful once you are in your tree so you can hang the Reel-A-Strap from a nearby branch. Like we said, this is the ultimate equipment hoist. The Reel-A-Strap has a diameter of 4" so it is not bulky, and uses a 3/4" webbed strap material.



WARNING: Cancer -

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