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Bow Hunting The Whitetail Rut

For most deer hunters, the whitetail rut is the stretch of the season that is looked forward to the most. Bucks are searching for does to breed and the search can turn into a chase in the blink of an eye. It is a time when truly anything can happen, and that “buck of a lifetime” could step out at any moment. Whether you are hunting with a rifle or a bow, you can witness the amazing rutting activity that takes place during this time of the season. However, bow hunting calls for being in a significantly closer range than rifle hunting to have a shot opportunity. That closer proximity is what makes bow hunting so special.

In early November of this season, I had an unforgettable hunting experience that reminded me of what really makes bow hunting during the rut so remarkable. It was a brisk morning with the temperature in the low thirties, slight frost on the ground, and little to no wind. I could not have asked for better conditions to climb up into a tree stand for a hunt. At daybreak I could already hear some deer up and moving as the leaves were crunching beneath their feet. Not long after that a young eight pointer came cruising in at about thirty yards out, which was a good indication of how the rest of the morning would unfold.

Before I knew it, I was in the middle of a whirlwind of deer movement. Doe family groups, young bucks, and a mix of a few mature bucks were all moving within my view from the tree stand. Some were moving up to fifty yards out and some were passing through right beneath me. It seemed as if I was surrounded at times. Several of the bucks throughout the morning were grunting and chasing does in several different directions. The rut was most definitely in full swing. I had my bow ready and was expecting to have a shot opportunity at a mature buck at any time with the kind of activity I was seeing.

A bit after nine o’clock I could see some movement in the overgrown field to my left. The field was grown up to the point where I could only see a large set of antlers slowly making its way through the overgrowth. I quickly grabbed my bow and pulled out my grunt call hoping to lure him in close enough for a clear shot. I gave one quick grunt and after a few seconds he responded with an aggressive snort-wheeze. However, he wasn’t moving a muscle. I let out another grunt anticipating that this time it would get him moving in my direction. Again, he responded with a snort-wheeze and began leaving a rub on a tree close to him. As he still was not moving, I gave him one more hopeful grunt. Unfortunately, he responded with one last snort-wheeze and headed off in another direction. Although I didn’t get a shot opportunity at that particular mature buck, the close interaction I had with him made it one of the most memorable hunts I have ever had.

Being up close and personal with these animals is one of the reasons I love bow hunting so much. You get to see and hear things out in God’s creation that you never would otherwise, and it always keeps you coming back for more. It really makes you appreciate and respect the animal that you are hunting, especially when it all comes together, and you are able to harvest the mature buck that you’ve been after.

Written By: Tate Carter

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