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When it comes to archery, there are a few select archers that can drive tacks regardless of the distance to the target. Whether they are shooting at 20 yards or 100 yards, they hit the mark almost every time. Are these archers just gifted? Maybe, but one thing most of them are is dedicated to the sport. I interviewed Joel Maxfield from Mathews Archery about what it takes to be an extremely good archer. Below are a few of his tips for all of you out there who want to raise their game.
Most archers who are extremely accurate shoot their bow several times a week and pay attention to every shot they take. They are constantly analyzing their form, their shooting habits and doing everything they can to increase their accuracy. If a person wants to be super accurate, they must shoot a lot, have a critical eye and always look for ways to improve,” Maxfield suggested.

  • Most tournament shooters and successful bowhunters work on their own bows at least some of the time. “I think it is good to have a nearby pro shop that you work with, but it is also important to know how to work on your own bow. You need to know how a bow works. A bow mechanic, so to speak, is going to be a better archer than someone who doesn’t know how to fletch arrows or tie in a peep sight,” Maxfield added. (If you are looking for a new peep sight, check out the Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep.)
  • Speaking of peep sights, Maxfield says you will never see a pro shooter that doesn’t use a peep sight. “More bowhunters are going without a peep sight because they are worried about shooting in low light conditions or they think since they are getting older, they can’t see through a peep any more. Even a large peep sight is better than not using one. A peep sight can drastically improve accuracy. Everyone should use a peep sight,” Maxfield advised.
  • All serious archers practice at long distances. “Most bowhunters only shoot at 30 or 40 yards because most bowhunters only hunt whitetails. Bowhunters should practice at 50 yards and beyond. It will help increase their overall accuracy which will make those 20 yard shots in the woods that much easier,” Maxfield noted.
  • Most hardcore shooters shoot in 3D leagues during the off season. Whether they do it for fun or money, they do it because it helps them sharpen their skills and shoot under pressure. If you want to increase your odds of success this fall, join an archery league. You will be glad you did.

About the author: Tracy Breen is a full time outdoor writer, consultant and game dinner speaker who often discuss how he overcomes cerebral palsy. Learn more about him at

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