Perfect Arrows = Better Downrange Accuracy

pine ridge archery arrow inspectorDid you know that taking your arrows for a spin can be the difference between driving tacks and missing the mark? When one of your arrows doesn’t hit the mark, it is sometimes hard to tell if you made a mistake or if the arrow has a flaw. An inexpensive arrow spinner can increase your downrange accuracy.

  1. If your arrow has a dent, isn’t straight, or has some other imperfection that can’t be seen by looking at the arrow, the Arrow Inspector from Pine Ridge Archery will reveal if something is wrong. If the arrow spins perfectly on the Arrow Inspector, the arrow is ready for your quiver. If the arrow wobbles when you take it for a spin, chances are something is wrong.
  2. Often the imperfection isn’t in the arrow; it is in the insert. If an insert isn’t glued in properly or has any imperfections, it will likely cause the arrow to wobble on the spinner. When an arrow wobbles on a spinner, archers often assume the arrow is bad when it could be something else. Often the culprit is the insert. Making sure the tip of your arrow is square before gluing in the insert will help ensure the insert is seated properly. Using too much glue on the insert can often cause the insert to not be seated perfectly, resulting in poor arrow flight. Attention is often given to gluing vanes on a shaft. Gluing in the insert requires just as much attention.
  3. In some cases, a broadhead isn’t built to spec or the weight isn’t what it is advertised. It can be hard seeing all these imperfections unless an arrow is spin tested. It is not uncommon to find a few arrows that don’t fly true in every dozen arrows purchased. Making sure the arrow that doesn’t fly true isn’t in a quiver when a tournament is on the line or a buck is standing at 40 yards is necessary. An arrow spinner is the easiest way to make sure every arrow in a quiver is flying like a dart. 
Archery is all about the little details. Having an arrow spinner and using it is an insurance policy

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