In the sport of archery, it is the little things that count. For instance, a smaller diameter peep sight can help you dial in your rig tighter than you ever thought possible. Who would think going from a larger diameter peep to a small diameter peep would make a huge difference? It does! The smaller the peep sight diameter, the better your arrow groups will be when shooting.


Another thing that can help you is an Allen wrench that is built with the archer in mind. When I was a kid, I rarely adjusted the sight on my bow unless it was way off. The main reason I didn’t want to adjust my sight was because I had to stop what I was doing and dig up the right size wrench. If my sight was off a little bit, I kept shooting and compensating by raising or lowering my bow. Pine Ridge Archery makes an Allen wrench set that has every possible size wrench built in one easy-to-use set. It’s good to have in my pocket when I am sighting in a bow and when I am bowhunting.


The vibration from a bow sometimes causes the sight, the stabilizer and even my arrow rest to loosen up slightly, causing extra noise. Every few weeks during bow season, I like to tighten everything on my bow to make sure nothing is loose.


I have elk hunted across America and on more than one occasion, a friend or I had a loose bow sight because our bow got bumped climbing over a deadfall or while riding on an ATV. Checking your sight while hunting in the backcountry is extremely important. The last thing I want to happen while elk hunting is to discover after a missed shot that my sight has been bumped. When I am elk hunting, I regularly stump shoot and if my sight is off, I dial it back in and tighten everything up with the Allen wrench. A little thing like an Allen wrench can make a big difference. It’s the little details that often make or break the shot of a lifetime.
About the author: Tracy Breen is a full time outdoor writer, consultant and game dinner speaker who often discusses how he overcomes cerebral palsy. Learn more about him at

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