The snow is practically knee deep in my backyard right now. The temperatures are in the single digits and shooting my bow outside is somewhat out of the question. If you live in the northern part of the United States, you are probably in the same boat. It is cold outside and going out to let a few arrows fly isn’t much fun. What should you do? One option is to join an archery league. John Schaffer from Schaffer Performance Archery in Burnsville, MN says joining a league can really help archers improve their skills and make them an all around better archer. “Many bowhunters take six months off from archery. This is not the case with bowhunters who shoot an indoor league. By shooting during the winter, a bowhunter can keep his muscles strong, his form in good shape, and even learn how to shoot better under pressure.”

Shooting indoors during the winter is a great time to experiment with new gear. If you want to try a new sight, rest or arrows, doing it during the winter will help you get dialed in long before hunting season. Maybe you want to try out the new Nitro Vanes from Pine Ridge Archery or a new Nitro Stabilizer. Trying them out during the winter is much better than late August!Shooting at deer can be very nerve racking. Shooting in a league can also be intimidating, which is one of the reasons Schaffer recommends shooting in a league. “Shooting when a lot of people are watching you can be very nerve racking, especially if you are trying to beat your buddy who is watching as you shoot. This little bit of pressure will force a person to concentrate on making the shot. If a person shoots in a league consistently, they get over the problem of shooting under pressure which will make them a better bowhunter.”

It is easy to say you are going to shoot during the winter in your basement or in the garage but the truth is signing up for a indoor league often forces accountability with the friends you are shooting with. This often results in you showing up every week to shoot which means when spring comes, you will be driving tacks instead of trying to shake the dust off your bow. Joining a league can help any bowhunter take their level of accuracy with a bow to a whole new level.

About the author: Tracy Breen is a full time outdoor writer, consultant and game dinner speaker who often discuss how he overcomes cerebral palsy. Learn more about him at

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