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New Products Just like last year, we have worked very hard to bring even more new and useful items. Check out our over 170 new MADE in the USA products! These new items will make your bow look and perform even better! From Peep Sights to Stabilizers, we have you covered. Plus, all are available in colors to match your string, bow and other accessories!

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catalog Our catalog has all the details and information that will show you why our products are the best choice. We spend countless hours designing and developing our products to insure they exceed our standards.

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Shop Online Shop securely on our website using the Shopatron Dealer network. This means you can order any of our products and they will be shipped directly to you from an archery pro shop. This way, you are supporting a local dealer and getting the items you want quickly and efficiently!

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Pine Ridge Archery is a division of DU-BRO Products, Inc. DU-BRO was founded by Dewey “Orv” Broberg in 1959 and grew to be the leader in hardware and accessories for the model airplane industry. In 1980, DU-BRO added another brand to their line-up of gadgets and “must have” items with the introduction of DU-BRO Pro-Series Fishing & Marine Products. Here they manufactured quality tools and accessories such as leader making tools, rod holders, rod storage systems, lure organizers and much more.

In 1990 Jim Broberg and his two sisters (Gayle Lundgren and Kathy Weiland) purchased DU-BRO Products from their parents and created Pine Ridge Archery products as the company’s 3rd division in 1997. From there, they grew the line to be a staple product line in the archery and bowhunting industry…

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  • Food Plots are more popular than ever before. Almost every serious land owner in America who hunts deer plants food plots. There are a variety of reasons hunters love planting food plots. For starters, food plots provide deer with a quality food source. Providing a quality food source on a piece of property keeps the deer on a piece of
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  • Fall is just around the corner. Many of us diehard bowhunters are shooting our bows daily. Most of us practice at 30, 40 or even 50 yards and feel like that is good enough. After all, most of us would never take that far of a shot in the woods. However, even if you never plan to take a shot
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  • The Velocitip by Full Flight Technology uses innovation to test actual arrow performance and provide data that is invaluable to learn more about your set up and it's performance. Recently we contacted the folks at Velocitip asking them to do perform an impartial 3rd party test on our NITRO Vane and other popular arrow vanes...
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