E/Z Mount Call Holder

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$ 4.95
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If you hunt with a grunt call, you know that it can be difficult to access it without making noise or excessive movement. It can even be dangerous if you hang the call around your neck. To solve this, we at Pine Ridge Archery came up with a new solution.

The E/Z Mount Call Holder fits snugly around your forearm or wrist. It can swivel to any position so it is always where you need it. When climbing into your tree, or walking to your stand, it is parallel with your arm and out of the way. When in your stand, simply rotate the call to the best position. Now you can effortlessly use the call with very little movement.

So now when you have the buck of a lifetime in front of you, your call will always be right where you need it!

Works with all grunt calls

Swivels 360's _'s

Adjustable strap to fit all

Made in U.S.A.

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